How Cabin is building trust & reputation in its Census App using the Otterspace Protocol

Cabin is building a network city for those wanting to colive and create in nature. The community is developing a shared culture, economy, and governance across a global network of physical locations. Cabin plans to include hundreds of physical locations, starting with its first three, “Neighborhood Zero” in Texas as well as “Montaia Basecamp” and “Radish” in California.

Joining the Cabin community paves the path towards becoming a Citizen of the network. Currently, citizenship is limited to members who receive a vouch from an existing Citizen. In the coming years, 5,040 founding Citizens will be onboarded into the network to reach the number proposed by Aristotle for an ideal polis. 

To build such a growing community that spans the globe, trust among members is crucial. This is where Cabin's “Census” app comes in. It is an internal Citizen directory that allows members to showcase their Cabin experience and reputation in one place and express it on-chain. Members can display their roles, stamps, voting power, and citizenship on the Census app.

Cabin's Census app just launched in beta
Cabin's Census app just launched in beta

Every time a member participates in an online or offline gathering, they can collect Stamps. Stamps are a way for members to display their engagement and provide a cultural vibe-check by showing what someone has done with the community. Cabin has distributed thousands of stamps to members who have onboarded, attended events, completed residencies, and colived with Cabin across the world.


Stamps are non-transferable NFTs stored decentrally on the Optimism blockchain, making them publicly verifiable by anyone (on this blog we also refer to them as “Badges”). For the creation and distribution of stamps, Cabin is using the Otterspace protocol. For past events, stamps were retroactively airdropped to attendees via the new Otterspace Airdrop functionality (Check out this post for more information on airdrops). To display stamp data, Cabin has integrated the Otterspace Subgraph in its Census app. 

“Otterspace has been great to work with the last several months! Their team is responsive and attentive to our needs. They've been a huge help getting stamps populated on our community members' profiles before we opened up beta testing for our Community Census product! They also sped up the release of their new airdropping feature which is a huge unlock for us. We're so grateful to be building with them and are excited for what's to come.” – Jon Dean, Gatherer at Cabin

Stamps offer a vibe-check for Cabin Citizens based on their past participation
Stamps offer a vibe-check for Cabin Citizens based on their past participation

By integrating the Otterspace protocol, Cabin has brought its stamps on-chain and made them publicly verifiable, providing a way for members to showcase their engagement and participation in the community. 

If you’d like to jump into the world of Cabin and start coliving and earning stamps, visit to make your Census profile and get started!

If you're interested in using Otterspace Badges to build on-chain reputation, a community member experience, or integrating Badges into your app via the Otterspace protocol, you can book an intro call with us here. We’ve got a lot of exciting product updates including faster & easier Badge distribution, as well as, mutli-chain support coming up, so stay tuned.

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