Otterspace v2: The Next Evolution

Today marks an exciting moment in the trajectory of Otterspace as we launch v2 of our product. We're doubling down on our values of empowering communities through building a joyful and easy-to-use product that is accessible to Web3 newbies and experts alike.

Web3, DAOs and tokenized communities have evolved and grown in the last 12 months, and we’re grateful to be learning and evolving alongside them. We want to say a big thanks to our set of early core customers who've allowed us to build alongside them while maintaining an experimental spirit and trust in our product development capabilities. Shoutout to BanklessDAO, DeveloperDAO, Radicle, CabinDAO, Optimism, Token Engineering Academy, Protein, PrimeDAO, CowDAO and many more.

To hold ourselves publicly accountable, we're committing to ship at least one big product improvement per month starting March 1st. We'll announce these features on Twitter and our blog on Mirror, so stay tuned! Sign up now to get access:

However, before we get carried away, this post is focused on the here and now. Today, we’re launching 6 big updates (+ 1 bonus update), so buckle up 🔥

Request Badges

Thus far, community admins have manually issued Badges to members in their communities. While this is a great way to share Badges, we’ve learned from admins that there are a couple of downsides with this approach:

  • Oftentimes admins need to know (or collect) the wallet addresses of members, which is tedious and time-consuming.

  • Adding a large number of wallet addresses can be painful, especially in larger communities.

  • Communities oftentimes want to pay gas costs on behalf of their members.

  • Members want to be able to ask for a Badge rather than waiting for it to drop in their laps.

We're proud to present the Request Flow, which allows members to request Badges from communities they believe they should be given in a matter of seconds, entirely gasless. All that's needed is a Discord account and a wallet to sign a transaction. Boom! The Badge request is sent to the community admin. Community managers can easily review Badge requests, cross-reference wallet addresses with members’ Discord IDs, and approve them.

Request Flow
Request Flow

👉🏻 Join our Discord server and navigate to the landing pad to request the ‘Ottercurious’, ‘Ottester’ or ‘Early Otter’ Badge, if you want to try out the request flow in action 🔥

But this is not the end…

Otterspace doubles down on Discord

Requesting a Badge involves authenticating with Discord. This is useful because it both allows the admin to easily identify requesters and enables the Otter bot to DM community members when their request has been approved. Our Discord bot sends a personal DM and a link for members to claim a Badge. No more personally chasing people!

Discord workflow automations
Discord workflow automations

This is just the beginning of a deeper integration with Discord. In the future, members will also be able to create, issue, and claim Badges entirely from within Discord and send messages to specific Badge holders.

Otterspace now enables collaboration mode (protocol only)

One common request we’ve heard from communities is that they want to share admin powers without relying on Safe multisig. While Safe is a great tool for stewarding funds, it’s not so great for the creation of Badges, as the Safe UX is not optimized for usage with dApps.

Otterspace Protocol users are now able to use their super admin account to add and remove community admins. Admins are able to create, issue and manage Badges alongside the super admin. At the moment, this feature is available in the protocol only, but will be coming to the Otterspace app very soon.

Collaboration mode
Collaboration mode

Otterspace at scale

Bulk allowlisting has been live for a while, but we have increased the scale at which you can issue Badges. With Otterspace, you can now allowlist up to 10k wallets at a time using a comma-separated list. The form helps you easily clean up duplicates and invalid addresses before submitting the allowlist, so you don’t have to manually sift through a Google sheet.

Bulk allowlisting
Bulk allowlisting

Otterspace goes multi-chain

To better support communities that want to use Badges for on-chain voting and integration with existing infrastructure, we’re releasing the Otterspace protocol and app to multiple chains. The chains on our immediate roadmap are Mainnet and Polygon.

Multi-chain compatibility
Multi-chain compatibility

Task management with Wonderverse

We now have an integration with Wonderverse! Communities can now create a guild on and Badge-gate specific bounties and tasks in that guild. Think of making certain tasks or projects available to certain Badge types, which could be roles or members of specific teams.

Wonderverse integration
Wonderverse integration

Bonus mention: A new website

Our website got a paint job! We've updated our website to better communicate our value props and use cases. Check it out at

➡️ Sign up now and get access

We're now accepting additional signups to our product. Just sign up on the following link to get access (we will prioritize the first 100 signups):

If you're already an active user of Otterspace, you’ll be able to use these improvements starting from today. Reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions or feedback.

Stay tuned for our updates by hitting the subscribe button here on Mirror or follow us on Twitter. We have a bunch of exciting things coming up in the following months, including an open API and subscription Badges for paid membership!

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