Level up your community to a community economy

Let’s face it, reality has hit the DAO economy hard. We’re knee deep into crypto winter. ❄️

DAOs and tokenized communities that last year were taunted as the next evolution of the traditional corporation now have to come to terms with the fact that they have not yet built sustainable business models.

While many tokenized communities have yet to reach product market fit, they have built up a substantial community of members who have a high willingness to pay for gated content, channels, events, and other products.

The challenge with current business models is that they are highly cyclical, relying on token raises, PFP projects, and other one-time revenue-generating events that play into the speculative nature of crypto without revealing much underlying utility.

At Otterspace, we asked ourselves: “How can we help decentralized communities build a business model that leverages their existing assets and acquires new users, while also introducing more sustainable and predictable revenue streams that focus on the core value propositions of these communities?”

Introducing Subscription Badges

Meet our newest product drop: Subscription Badges, which addresses this question head-on.

With Subscription Badges, communities can monetize their existing member base by offering gated content, events, and other products that cater to their members' interests. In addition, our platform allows communities to acquire new users by capturing the unique value propositions of your community in a Badge, without your members having to surpass great UX/UI hurdles that are sadly still the reality in Web3 today.

By creating a more sustainable revenue stream, Badges solve the problem of relying on cyclical revenue models that only work during bull markets. Subscription Badges are designed to help decentralized communities thrive and grow, providing long-term benefits for both the communities and their members.

We’ve been supporting communities with membership Badges for many months – adding a subscription option is a simple extension of our existing functionality. You can turn any Badge into a Subscription Badge by setting the monthly cost of a membership. If a member stops paying for their membership, their Badge is automatically revoked.

Sign up to the Alpha 👉🏻 here.

Subscription Badges allow you to:

1. Turn any Badge into a Subscription Badge and set the amount of your subscription, payment method (fiat / crypto) and term (annual / monthly).

Turn any Badge into a Subscription Badge
Turn any Badge into a Subscription Badge

2. Associate permissions with this Subscription Badge, such as providing members of your community access to Discord, Snapshot, Notion, Wonderverse etc.

Associate permissions with your Subscription Badge
Associate permissions with your Subscription Badge

3. Subscription Badge will remain active and retain all the permissions as long as the subscription is active. If the subscription expires or the member cancels the subscription, Badge permissions will be revoked automatically.

Permissions for Badge remain active as long as Subscription is active
Permissions for Badge remain active as long as Subscription is active

Join us today and see for yourself how Subscription Badges can help your community build a sustainable and profitable business model.

Sign up to the Alpha 👉🏻 here.

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