The Otters have landed
Emily Furlong
September 1st, 2022

We’re excited to share that the Otterspace Protocol (Beta) is live on Optimism Mainnet! 🦦🚀

Sign up here to start using badges in your DAO.

Badges are non-transferable tokens based on the new EIP4973 standard. They are earned, not bought, and can be used by your community to represent membership, achievements, roles, levels, skills, participation or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Badges allow you to build a more nuanced membership model, non-financial governance and better incentives.

Within the Otterspace Protocol, you can create badges for your community and add members to the mint list to claim their badge. The Otterspace app is designed with a non-expert user in mind, and offers a simple experience for creating and claiming badges. Transactions are super fast and cheap because the protocol is deployed on Optimism.

Minting a badge on Otterspace is fast and cheap
Minting a badge on Otterspace is fast and cheap

⚡️ Otterspace badges can already be used in Snapshot strategies, so you can build non-financial governance from the get-go. You can use weights to give holders of different badges varying levels of governance power. Holders of the core contributor badge could have more weighted governance power than holders of the member badge, for example.

The fear of non-transferable tokens is real, but we’ve addressed concerns around consent within the deepest layers of the protocol. Otter badges can never be airdropped to accounts - members claim badges after being issued a voucher.

Coming up, you’ll be seeing a bunch of new integrations including Guild and Gnosis Safe, as well as continued improvements in how we handle badge expiry, protocol permissions and the claiming user experience.

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