How the Protein Community implemented Badges as season passes

Protein Community is building a seamless onboarding experience for its new community members. One that is low-friction for both the new joiners and the community managers administering the process. Members can onboard into the community using non-transferable season passes, which allow them to showcase their membership visually through badges and grant access to a gated Discord space. This on-chain and composable membership structure can easily tie into additional community tools in the future.

With a history dating back to 1997, Protein comprises a global network of cultural creators who collaborate online and in person. Protein is dedicated to fostering "good growth" - a balance between progress, profit, and purpose. Among others, Protein runs an agency working with leading brands, including Nike or Jaegermeister, to provide research, strategic insights, and reports. In addition, Protein is building a co-working space and event space in the heart of London.

Protein is adopting the latest Web3 coordination primitive with Protein Community

Over the years, Protein has launched a variety of innovative projects, such as the Protein Journal, Supplement, Studios, and Podcast, all of which reflect its unwavering commitment to staying on the cutting edge of culture. With the launch of the $PRTN token in 2021, the Protein Community is now harnessing the power of web3 technology to bring together brilliant minds to collaboratively discover and incubate projects that align with their Good Growth values.

Recently, the community started producing research reports and wants to use Web3 primitives to track and acknowledge their members' contributions. The Protein Community wants to build a frictionless onboarding process a.k.a Protein’s Cohort Based Onboarding for members, that is easy to administrate on the community side. As an evolution of their Season Pass NFT’s they sought a single platform with visual Badge capabilities that could bridge the contributor experience between Discord and Badges.

“As a community designer bringing together online communities in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, I had the chance to test and operate many platforms and tools. My natural inclination when choosing the right platform to incorporate with the online community is its intuitive design, friendly team for troubleshooting, and incorporation of feedback into the platform. Otterspace ticked the right boxes so we are happy to be partnering with them!” – dindin.eth, Head of Community at Protein

Onboarding members with the Season 5 Pass

Starting January 2023, members can onboard into the community using their new non-transferable season pass, which allows them to showcase their membership visually through Badges. This new onboarding process is user-friendly for new joiners and saves community managers time through automating Discord role administration.

As a first step in adopting the new Badge system, the Protein Community is bringing its membership structure on-chain with its Season 5 Passes. This is a significant step forward for the community, as it builds a more robust and inclusive community that values its members' contributions.


Protein Community’s season 5 pass is a non-transferable NFT that all new members receive upon joining. Through Otterspace and Guild's integration, members gain automatic access to relevant content in Protein's Discord server, while the community team saves time by reducing the manual work on Discord role assignments. The passes self-expire at the end of the season on April 30th, representing a member’s past membership after that and ensuring that members that become inactive don’t retain Discord accesses which they should not. Given their composable nature, Protein can use the Badges in other Web3 tools down the line, such as Snapshot.

The Protein team worked with Otterspace to create unique animated visuals and roll out their new branding for the season passes.

Already, over 30 members have gained access to Protein's community through their new membership Badges. These Badges can be viewed in members' profiles, wallets, OpenSea, and other dApps, and can be used with to gain access to Discord roles.

If you're interested in using Otterspace Badges to build your community's membership structure, join our waitlist here to learn more. We’ve got a lot of exciting product updates including faster & easier Badge distribution, as well as, multi-chain support coming up, so stay tuned.

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